The World is Full of Noise.
Ataraxis* provides some signal.

*Derived from ataraxia, defined as a state of calmness.

Yet Another Newsletter(?)

In a world governed by the attention economy and with the vast amount of information, resources, and blog posts, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish the signal from the noise, and as designers trust in reliable sources of quality content.
This newsletter is a humble attempt to be precisely that: a reliable source of information.

Ataraxis Objectives

• Bring quality content from different trustworthy sources such as books, authors, academic papers, and digest them to designers so they can store them and use them whenever they need.

• Give back time to designers who might struggle to find valuable information about design.

• Push myself to be a consistent writer and have a curious mind. Someone who is always on the lookout of valuable content and improve my BS detector.

One Article a Week. No Spamming. Join Ataraxis.


1. We fight against clickbait articles, superfluous content, and non-evidence based stories.
2. Niche and specialised content over trending topics.
3. We measure success not by number of subscribers, but by the number of hours we give back.
4. We share for the sake of sharing, not as an inbound marketing strategy.


This newsletter is for you if you are:
- A student enthusiastic in navigating the world of UX and make a career out of it.
- An emergent designer eager to level up your game and become a sought-after leader.
- A product manager or technical contributor interested in decoding user experience and skill development.


Every weekly newsletter contains an article written by me, a review of a book I read during the week (design related, or close to it), as well as the most relevant updates and links around our user experience discipline, so you don’t miss anything worth paying attention to, but you also don’t spend the whole week looking for meaningful content.

In addition, I will add some quotes or thoughtful questions so you can ponder them and embrace your critical thinking through the week.

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