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UX Lead

How might we communicate the transformation of our business model through our website?

About Vauxoo

Vauxoo Open Source Specialist is a software development company with offices in Mexico and Venezuela, focusing on making businesses successful through the development of Open Source ERP Software (Odoo).

Vauxoo focuses on delivering high-quality and scalable solutions to their customers.

A call to adventure

I joined the company as the first UX Designer, and one of my first endeavors consisted on redesigning the website to communicate the new services and company approach, expanding their business from on premise software to SaSS.After thoroughly analyzing the challenge, I decided to start empathizing with the company, become an expert on their offerings, distill the brand, and conduct heuristic evaluations and site audits to gauge the work needed to be done.

UX Process.
After immersing myself in the business and opportunity of the project, I lay out a high-level approach for UX efforts, so I get shared understanding and buy-in from stakeholders.

Crossing the threshold – Applying human-centered design

After having a deep sense of the way Tailgating worked as a business model, the potential risks associated, and the goals USC as an organization wanted to accomplish (such as creating a honest, upbeat community of Tailgaters and provide a seamless experience for them), I decided to conduct collaborative sessions with my team and the stakeholders so everyone felt part of the solution. We decided to create Proto-Personas and Customer Journey Maps to identify potential pain points in the current experience.

Personas Development.
In order to define the narrative and structure of the website, we built two personas based on the experience of the sales teams with customers.
Site Audit.
Reviewing the existing site  allowed me to identify accessibility issues, as well as define the tone and voice of the company, and test the navigation.

Crossing the threshold – Defining a narrative

The big challenge when designing a landing page or a corporate website is nailing the story to tell through the page. What is the information the audience is expecting to see? What questions do they want to answer? How can we mitigate their uncertainty and encourage them to contact the team?To answer these questions, the team conducted competitive analysis, and ideated different structures and sequence of information, until we finally agreed on providing the most relevant information front and center.

Home page.
The home page introduces the company, the offering and some testimonials.
Content pages.
After defining key components, I applied them to the rest of screens to create a cohesive system.

The Road Back – Project Outcomes

This endeavor served as a lighthouse project for Vauxoo to take a human-centered approach, and leveraging design as a way to better plan, experiment and test digital solutions before implementing them in code.

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